Simon W.J. Sawyer

Camille Walala X Play

Walala known for her bright, colourful, geometric pattern making designed a large scale installation to immerse the viewer in her vibrant world.

Made from a series of angular, stepped and sloping walls, the installation featured a multitude of painted patterns and mirrors to create the sense of space and enclosure.

Working closely with the artist and her team the project was realised using a small team of carpenters. Each form was made in parts from interlocking timber frames clad with 12mm MDF, enabling the work to be fabricated offsite and transported flat. A 16 sided mirrored room created the centre piece to an already exhilarating installation. Approximately 60 8’x4’ acrylic mirrors were used to within the installation, to created areas of symmetry within the patterned walls.

Photos: Charles Emerson